CL Design and Consulting, llc is a general contractor and construction management company that has worked on various construction projects in Texas, Virginia, Illinois, Kansas and Oklahoma. CL Design and Consulting has completed projects in all sectors of the construction industry including Fitness, Retail, Office fit-out, Industrial and Institutional.      As a full-service construction and consulting company, it is our obligation to stay current on the latest technologies and architectural trends.  It is our pledge to keep you informed and provide you with the best options that are innovative today, yet won't be obsolete tomorrow.  CL Design and Consulting has an extensive and wide-ranging career over almost 40 years of experience as a general contractor, developer, and principal in a wide variety of projects to draw upon. Projects have included many projects, historic renovation, development, commercial contracting and remodeling. They has also been called upon to solve major structural and general construction problems.  Before undertaking a project for any of our clients, we recommend that CL Design and Consulting conduct an Operational Analysis. This included impartial snapshot of the overall operation allows you to see things you could be missing because of how close you are to the business. It includes a look at the entire operation, from the front desk, to sales and marketing, to facilities, and service. Our report highlights those areas that need improvement and includes specific recommendations to fix the problem areas.  There are oftentimes many people involved in a commercial build-out project.  Along with the business owner, this may also include a business consultant, a marketing team, vendors and the designer. We work closely with and become a part of this team during the build-out phase making sure the project is always moving forward and coming together with as little down time as possible.
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Our latest project Victoria Falls, Anna TX is coming to a close soon and we will be entering into the retail build out phase for the spaces (28) proposed. For more info on these retail spaces please  contact David Cox  972-632-5050 or click link below.